Computers & Accessories

Doorstep Computer Shop

Most computer shops are servicing over the counter only. They charge double to go to your home or business. But we believe in helping our customers during these hard times. In order to do this, we do deliveries of very small item to new computer setup. Not only that, we do pickups and deliveries of any of your equipment that needs repair or warranty replacements. That way we can assure that “peace of mind” situation for our clients. You don’t want to kill your valuable time in traffics and no parking problems too.

  • Locally assembled new Computers
  • Branded computers, Notebooks, Printers, Scanners, UPS systems
  • Web cameras, Internet routers, headphones, USB devices, Keyboards, Mice, External hard drives
  • Kaspersky - Antivirus software
  • CD, DVD, Toner cartridges, Ink cartridges, Pen drives
  • Notebook power adaptors, batteries, power cables, USB cables etc.
  • License software